Beaded Sports Jersey - Beaded Keychains

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Beaded Moose Key Chain


Share your keys with a special visitor. Show your team spirit with these easy to make sports jersey key chains are great to give as gifts or bazaar projects but don't forget to keep one for yourself!
Create one for your favorite team and one for your friend!
This pattern uses pony beads to create this moose but you can use faceted beads and even seed beads too if you adjust the size of the cording that is being used.

Materials Needed:


To use your own initial on this jersey lay out your beads (or use graph paper) in a pattern of 4 beads across and 5 beads tall. This is the inside of the yellow square. Arrange your colors within this 4x5 grid to make your letter.

1. Find the halfway point of the ribbon or cord and double-knot it onto the key ring.

2. Begin weaving the beads onto the cord, following the pattern.

3. After finishing the pattern, tighten your beads (remove the slack in your cord) and tie a double knot in your ribbon or cord. Apply a dot of craft glue to each knot to secure them.

4. Three or four beads can be strung onto the end of the cord as a finishing touch (optional).

Optional: Weave a matching piece of pipe cleaner through the top row of your finished jersey to make it more firm.

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