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Beaded Mini Candy Cane - Mini Beaded Candy Cane Pattern - Free Christmas Craft Instructions


Make these quick and easy mini beaded candy canes to decorate your home for the holidays. The make great package decorations, tree ornaments and wonderful giveaways to share with friends. (Cartwheel beads mentioned in this pattern are the same as starflake beads or sunburst beads.) The following is a fun, black and white pattern that has been scanned in for you. Unfortunately, it does not link to the craft supplies needed to complete this project. We hope you enjoy it.


We only have hand illustrated pictures available in this project. If you make this project please share your photos with us. If we use them on our website you will get 25% off of your next order!

Materials Needed:


1. Make a curl about 3" from the end of the chenille stem as in Fig C. Place a drop of glue on the knot.

2. Slide cartwheel beads onto stem one at a time, alternating with sets of 2 of the same color. Begin with 2 crystal beads, 2 red beads, etc. applying a drop of cement to the center of each of the first 14 beads (four sets of crystal and 3 sets of red).

3. Slide the remaining beads onto the chenille stem in sets of 2. Push all the beads together and fold the loose end of the chenille stem to hold the beads in placd - see Fig E. Shape the beads with glue for head of cane. wrapping the folded end of the chenille stem around cane to hold curved shape until glue dries.

Beaded Candy Cane Pattern
Beaded Candy Cane Pattern
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