Flower Pot Lamps

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Flower Pot Lamp Instructions

Contributed by Pam Stryker

Flower Pot Lamps are thought to have been begun by campers who wanted to light the awnings of their campers. Today flower pot lamps are a popular craft project for many uses. Flower pot lamps can be made with many combinations of beads or bead pegs. Don't let your imagination be limited only to this set of flower pot lamp instructions. These pots can be strung together for patios and outdoor gathering places.

Materials Needed:
  • Beads or Bead Pegs of your choice (amount needed determined by amount of holes drilled)
  • 1 - Plastic Planter or a length of plastic PVC pipe, approx 3" to 12" wide, length of your choice
  • 1 - All Purpose cement glue (like 527)
  • Lamp kit of your choice
  • OR
  • 1 each of the following:
    Line Switch, 1" x 1/8" Tap Threaded Rod, power cord, female loop, check ring, black rubber washer
  • AND
  • 2 each of the following:
  • brass pressure washer


1) First develop a pattern or plan, or if you already have your pot you can use the pot pattern to help you decide how you want your lamp to look.

2) Mark your pot, then drill small holes in each place you will be putting a bead or bead peg. Also drill a 3/8" hole in the center top of the planter.

3) Using the all purpose cement glue, glue beads into all holes. Let dry.

4) Working from the inside of the planter, place the one brass washer and the base of the socket on the inside of the planter and inserting the 1" threaded rod into the hole in the center top of the planter, screw together. Now working on the top of the planter next place one brass washer, one rubber washer, a check ring, then the female loop, screw together firmly.

5) Run the wire through from the outside to the inside of the lamp pot. Wire the socket and assemble the socket by splitting the wire. Remove 1/2" of insulation from the ends of electrical wire. Fasten one side to each screw and tighten. Slip the sleeve into place over this and clip into the base and press together firmly. The sleeve should click into place.

These instructions are provided as a courtesy to our customers and are to be used only as a general guideline. We are not responsible for any accidents or errors which may result in loss. No warranty or guarantee is written or implied.

Note: Lawnware has informed us that they have discontinued making the flower pot commonly used for this project. We have compiled a list of possible alternatives on the next page.

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