Free Jewelry Pattern - Free Beaded Jewelry Pin Pattern

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Pattern for Beaded Fall Pin with Tri-Beads - Free Pattern for Jewelry

Contributed by Rita Fleehart, Family Corner Magazine, with permission

Create a festive fall pin just in time for the holidays. Adults and children alike will enjoy making this festive and adorable pin. Wear to celebrate the season, or give as a gift! This idea can also be adapted to make a colorful magnet.

Materials Needed:


1. Cut one 4 1/2" and one 2 1/3" piece of the chenille. Fold longer piece in center; wrap one end of shorter piece around fold to make 3 "legs". Put 16 beads of various colors randomly on each "leg". Put a drop of craft glue in hole of last bead on each "leg".

2. Cut about 20 pieces of raffia 4 1/2" long fold half of these up between first and second ear of corn and other half fold up between second and third ear of corn.

3. Make a small bow 2 or 3 loops, about 3 fingers wide, with a center loop to cover wire. Wrap wire around bow, twist, then wrap wire around raffia above fold to hold all together, twist ends of wire and cut close to corn. Glue onto pin back, safety pin or magnet.

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