Special Holiday Candle Centerpiece - Free Christmas Project Pattern

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Special Holiday Candle Centerpiece - Free Christmas Project Pattern

Contributed by Pam Stryker

This special centerpiece will be the center of attention. Dress up your dining table, hallway table, coffee table or mantle. Some of the materials that we carry and are listed in the material list are linked to the pageon this site where you can purchase the product.

Materials Needed:


Roughly paint both sides of white leaves and about an inch down the stem. Do not cover the leaf completely with the paint. You want some of the white leaf to be visible. Let dry.

Glue styrofoam to base plate. Glue bottom of red candle to center of styrofoam. Place the green candles evenly spaced on each side of the main candle and glue into place.

Using wire cutters cut excess stem from each leaf leaving approximately 1 1/2" stem.

Begin adding leaf stems into the styrofoam, alternating directions and positions of leaves to fill it. Position some of the leaves between the candles and next to the candles.

Wind beadtrim loosely amongst the leaves, using hot glue to secure them into place in a number of places.

Remove ornament hanger string from each tiny package. Position packages in random places in and around the leaves and between the candles. Secure each package with glue.

Cut 1" off of the end of one chenille stem and set aside. Cut the remaining long end in half. Bend each of the 2 pieces into the shape of a candy cane. Use remaining small piece of stem to secure the 2 candy canes together about mid way down the long side of the candy cane and spread them into an "X" shape. Repeat with other chenille stem. (make 2 "X" pair)

Make 8 bows with the red ribbon. Glue one to the middle of each of the candy cane pairs. Position 3 bows amongst the leaves on one side and glue into place. Repeat on other side.

Glue one of the candy cane sets to the side of the red candle. Repeat on the other side.


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