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Beaded Christmas Choir Kids - Beaded Choir Kids at Christmas - Free Christmas Craft Instructions


Make these great Boy and Girl Beaded Choir Kids. Perfect for display on your table or mantel. Hang on the Christmas tree or give as gifts. The following is a fun, black and white pattern that has been scanned in for you. Unfortunately, it does not link to the craft supplies needed to complete this project. We hope you enjoy it.


We only have black & white, and hand illustrated pictures available in this project. If you make this project please share your photos with us. If we use them on our website you will get 25% off of your next order!

Materials Needed:


Note: If suggested wire lengths are too long to work with easily, use shorter pieces and fasten ends together. Crimp loops together tightly so they will go through beads. To avoid wire kinking as you work, hold wire close to beads that wire is going through between index finger and thumb, keeping wire straight. A Pair of needle-nose pliers might be helpful to pull wire through difficult places.

Choir boy and girl are made exactly the same way, with the exception of the addition of chenille "hair" for the girl.


Row 1: Thread 3 black beads onto a 42" piece of wire, placing first bead at center of wire.

Row 2: Thread right end of wire through left side of last 2 beads strung. (Wire will go through third bead first, then second bead.) Pull tight, forming a triangle - fig B.

Row 3: Thread 3 more black beads onto left end of wire, then thread right end of wire through left side of these 3 beads - Fig B.

Row 4-10: Repeat Row 3, adding another black bead in eack row. For example, add 4 beads in Row 4, 5 beads in Row 5, etc. After completing Row 10, work any excess wire up through sides of piece.

Repeat Rows 1 thru 10 twice more for a total of 3 sections.

Secure sides of two sections together with a black chenille stem, wrapping stem around wires at sides of both sections - Fig C. Start at the bottom and work all the way to the top - Fig D. Do not cut excess chenille stem at the top as it will be used to hold bead head in place.

Attach third section to the first two in the same manner. When this is done you should have a pyramid shape. Set aside.


Make cape the same way as black robe, but use white opaque beads and white chenille stems. Make three white sections of seven rows each, instead of 10 rows as done for robe. Slip white cape over black robe.

You will have three white stems and three black stems extending above the top of the robe and cape. Use two of the white stems for arms. Cut them off 2" from the shoulder. Cut remaining white stem short and twist the end down through the cape and robe. Curve the arm stems to hold music book. Thread two white beads onto the end of each arm. Put a drop of glue onto the end of each stem to hold beads.


Thread 40 white beads onto an 18" piece of wire. On each end, bring the wire back over one bead and twist around the main wire to secure. Starting at the shoulder, wrap wire with beads around one chenille arm, forming four circles that touch each other and increase in size as you work toward the hand - Fig E. Shape like choir robe sleeve. Glue top beads of each circle to chenille arm. Repeat with another string of 40 white beads for other sleeve.


Thread the three black chenille stem ends through one 16mm 3-ring crown (for collar) and through bead head. Glue to secure and cut off excess chenille stems - Fig F.

For the girl's hair, cut five 2" pieces of brown chenille stem. Shape each piece into a loop. Glue stem ends into hole in top of head. Bend the pieces against head to look like hair.

Glue the 18mm bead cap onto top of the head.


Cut a piece of cardboard, black felt and white paper, each 2" x 1 1/4". Glue felt to one side of cardboard and the white paper to the other side. Draw some musical notes on the paper -Fig G. When dry, fold and glue to beaded hands.

Beaded Choir Kids Pattern - Free Craft Pattern
Beaded Choir Kids Pattern - Free Craft Pattern
Beaded Choir Kids Pattern - Free Craft Pattern

Beaded Choir Kids Pattern - Free Craft Pattern
Beaded Choir Kids Pattern - Free Craft Pattern
Beaded Choir Kids Pattern - Free Craft Pattern

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