Beaded Wreath Made with Starflake Beads

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Beaded Mini Wreath with Bow - Mini Beaded Christmas Wreath - Free Christmas Craft Instructions

Contributed by Craft Supply Depot

Make this quick and easy mini beaded wreath with bow to decorate your home for the holidays. Make great package decorations, tree ornaments and wonderful giveaways to share with friends. (Cartwheel beads mentioned in this pattern are the same as starflake beads or sunburst beads.)

Materials Needed:


Beaded Wreath Bow Pattern

1. Slide 5 red, 34 green and 5 red starflake beads onto the chenille stem. Center the beads so that both chenille stem ends are of equal length.

2. Slide one bead cap (cup side in) onto each chenille stem end and up to the beads (Figure A). Thread the right stem end through the center hole of the left bead cap and the left stem end through the center hole of the right bead cap (Figure B). Place a drop of bond cement between the bead caps and pull the ends of the chenille stem tight.

3. Slide five red starflake beads onto each stem end. Add cement to last bead and chenille stem to hold. Let dry and trim stem ends close to end beads.

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