Cute Christmas Clothespin Snowmen Instructions

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Easy Christmas Candy Canes & Decorations Projects - Free Instructions

Contributed by Amanda Formaro, Family Corner Magazine, with permission

Create attractive and easy christmas decorations and tree ornaments to give as gifts, as projects to work with children, or for yourself.

If you make this project please share your photos with us. If we use them on our website or on Facebook you will get 20% off of your next order!


Star Bright - Use wooden star cutouts or cut star shapes out of card board and felt. Glue felt onto card board piece. Edge star with glued on sequins.

Candy Canes - Twist red and white pipe cleaners together, barber pole style. Hook one end like a candy cane and hang on a tree limb.

Beaded Candy Canes - Another variation for candy canes is to thread tri beads onto a white chenille stem (pipe cleaner) alternating with red and white tri beads to desired length. Bend ends over last bead on each end and snip excess stem off. Bend into candy cane shape and hang. They will look good enough to eat!

Button Wreath - Cut a plastic lid into a doughnut shape (round with a hole in the middle). Glue on green and white buttons and hang with a red bow. Paint wooden stars with gold glitter or wooden bells with silver glitter.

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