Sports Bead Alligator Clip Hanger - Free Craft Instructions

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Sports Bead Alligator Clip Hanger - Free Craft Pattern


Show your team spirit with these quick to make, easy to use beaded hangers! Clip onto purses, back packs, key rings, wallet, belt, pocket and more! Make one for the whole team!


Materials Needed:


Sports Bead Alligator Clip Hanger - Beaded Craft Patterns
Click to see enlargement.

1. Cut 1 piece of suede lace cord. You will be folding it in half so be sure it is plenty long. Remember you can always trim it later. (we used an 18" piece)

2. Fold the cord in half, near the center and lay onto the bottom of the long side of the alligator clip. Fold each wing of the alligator clip toward the center with jewelry pliers, over the cord to secure it.

3. Thread beads in the pattern of your choice onto one of the cords. We used an alternating pattern of silver pony, sports bead, silver pony, pony bead. You will want to leave some of the suede lace cord showing. When you get it as full as you want it tie a small knot in the bottom end of the suede cord.

5. Repeat for other side.

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