Beaded Letter Bead Alligator Clip Hanger - Free Craft Instructions

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Beaded Letter Bead Alligator Clip Hanger - Free Craft Pattern


Sparkle up your wardrobe with these personalized, quick and easy to make, fun to use beaded hangers! Add your children or grandchildren's names or that special someone in your life and use your favorite colors on the other dangles. Clip onto purses, back packs, key rings, wallet, belt, pocket and more!


Materials Needed:


Sports Beads Alligator Clip Hanger - Beaded Craft Patterns

1. Cut 2 pieces of tiger tail cord in varying lengths. You will be folding them in half so be sure they are plenty long. Remember you can always trim them later. You can also add 1 or 2 more cords if you have more names to include.

2. Thread both pieces of cord into one of the crimp beads and slide it to the middle. Stagger the cords slightly so that they aren't exactly the same length. Crimp the bead with jewelry pliers.

3. Fold the cords in half at the crimp bead and lay onto the bottom of the long edge of the alligator clip. Fold each wing of the alligator clip into the center, over the cord, leaving the crimp bead on the top of the wings and the cord beneath the wings.

4. Thread beads of your choice onto one of the cords. We made 2 strands alternating the colored bead with the clear faceted bead and 2 strands alternating the clear faceted beads with silver letter beads. When you get near the end thread on one of your crimp beads, then add a teardrop bead and then thread your tiger tail wire back through the crimp bead. Squeeze the crimp bead closed. Trim excess cord.

5. Repeat for each strand of cord.

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